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Ana Claires Awesome Monthly Monogram Box Large
Ana Claires Awesome Monthly Monogram Box Large
Ana Claires Awesome Monthly Monogram Box Large
Ana Claires Awesome Monthly Monogram Box Large
Ana Claires Awesome Monthly Monogram Box Large
Ana Claires Awesome Monthly Monogram Box Large
Ana Claires Awesome Monthly Monogram Box Large
Ana Claires Awesome Monthly Monogram Box Large

Ana Claires Awesome Monthly Monogram Box Large

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You are purchasing our most famous Large Box. This is a box for you, a box that will put a smile on your face. Your box is something you do for you. As women, we all tend to do for others, but this is a special gift to yourself. Loving yourself for a change, like a hug in a box!

This is about YOU! Something for YOU! We all deserve that something special and this is it! A monthly gift just for YOU!

Your Bodaciously Awesome Box will ship between the 15th and 25th each month, sometimes earlier. Once we personalize your big item, ( or maybe more) we will be ready to ship!

We are going to surprise you each and every month with things you will love!

 So what will they be? Well, its a surprise! BUT, take a peek at what the items could be!

Bags, of all kinds! Tote Bags, Beach Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Handbags, Lunch Bags, Cooler Bags, its a plethora of bags!

Accessories - Oh how I love finding the cutest things you have every seen! Rings, Necklaces, watches, bracelets, scarves

Tee Shirts - Sometimes I draw the designs, sometimes we sew them, but whatever we do, you can rest assured its a cutie!

Drinkware - oh yes, we include that from time to time too! How about a cute insulated wine cup? Maybe a mug or maybe an awesome tumbler!

Lotions, Soaps, Skin Products - Gracious goodness, I have something bodaciously awesome right now I have in mind

Engraved Items - Yes, we have an engraving machine too and we can make some awesome things!

Stickers - Oh my gosh, I love these stickers! My planner rocks with these and reminds me everyday of an inspiration or saying. 

Vinyl Stickers for your car or anywhere you want to put them. Personalize a tray or notebook or even a planner!

Then of course, we are going to surprise you with things we are not going to tell you here! We want YOU to look forward to YOUR customized box each and every month and we hope you will share those smiles with us when you get your box!

Your box will renew on the first of every month. 

Cancel at anytime. If you cancel, you must do so 14 days BEFORE your next billing.



Women’s Top Size: . Items vary by the season but we might include  vests, swimsuit coverups, cute button up shirts, pull overs. etc. 

Bottoms Size: If we include bottoms, they will have elastic or stretch waist bands. We may include jogging pants, shorts, pajama bottoms, so many choices!

Unisex Sizing for Tees - We use Bella or Comfort Colors for Tee Shirts - So soft! But- they are unisex, so consider that please when listing your size. 

Shoe Size - Why do we need this? Well, what if we find a bodaciously awesome pair of sandles or those great waffle weave slippers? Then we need your size. If you are a 1/2 size, please size up. 5 1/2 please choose Size 6, etc

Outwear - We do from time to time also include these items in our larger boxes. Outwear could be a rain coat,  rain jacket, vest, sweatshirt, etc. 


Monogram Box Return Policy 

Due to the custom nature of monogrammed items, these items cannot be returned unless there was an error on our part and we monogrammed something incorrectly, of course, we will replace it!


Can  I change my box size?

We do not recommend changing your box size and this can lead to a problem with shipment and duplicate items. We plan far in advance for the items we ship in the box sizes chosen. If you find you just can't live without our larger box and you had chosen a smaller box, please email us and we will work with you to get your upgrade done. 


Item Errors:

Did you receive the wrong size from what your profile says? Did we make a mistake with something else? Let us know, we are human too and sometimes we goof up.   Please report error within 7 days.  All errors can be reported to: anaclairescs@gmail.com 



We do try every month to give you a sneak peak of at least one item in the box. Please keep in mind, the larger boxes do have more expensive items and even tho we try and try again, sometimes sizes run out but don't you worry, you will get something just as nice and just as awesome!


Contact Us:

Please email us at anaclairescs@gmail.com  We have set up this email just for you and your awesome monogram boxes


Our great sales ladies in our store can take orders and answer basic questions about your monogram box.  Our store phone is 843-947-0533 and we are open 10-3 Mon-Friday and 10-3 on Saturday.  If you need to make  changes to your profile, submit cancellation requests, or for specific info about billing & shipping please contact us at anaclairescs@gmail.com. Our online customer service folks  are hands on when it comes to your monogram boxes and taking care of your needs. You can chat online too!


Order Timing: 

We will from time to time close our cart on ordering due to demand. Not to worry, we will open again, but you will have to get on our mailing list as it is first come, first serve.  If we close our cart, and you are on our mailing list, we will ship you the current box based on the month we are in when we open the cart again. 



WHOOP WHOOP! Yes, we have something for you if you refer a friend!!! Make sure you let us know who your referred so we can surprise you both!


Taxes and Service Charges:

South Carolina residents will pay 8% sales tax 


Pictures are ONLY used to represent what some of the items are that could be included in your monogram box. Our presentations are not indicative of all the different items that might be included.  The presentation of the box with items is simply to show you items that may be in your monogram box and does not depict an actual box of items or the number of items in a box.  We find wonderful things every month and could not show all of what your monogram box may or may not contain.