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Monogrammed Gift Boxes

How it Works




What’s in the Box?

Every month, enjoy hand-selected products with a personalized touch.

So what will they be? Well, its a surprise! BUT, take a peek at what the items could be!

* Bags, of all kinds! Tote Bags, Beach Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Handbags, Lunch Bags, Cooler Bags, its a plethora of bags!

* Accessories- Oh how I love finding the cutest things you have every seen! Rings, Necklaces, watches, bracelets, scarves.

* Tee Shirts- Sometimes I draw the designs, sometimes we sew them, but whatever we do, you can rest assured its a cutie! 

Drinkware - oh yes, we include that from time to time too! How about a cute insulated wine cup? Maybe a mug or maybe an awesome tumbler!

Lotions, Soaps, Skin Products - Gracious goodness, I have something bodaciously awesome right now I have in mind

* Engraved Items - Yes, we have and engraving machine too and we can make some awesome things!

* Stickers- Oh my gosh, I love these stickers! My planner rocks with these and reminds me everyday of an inspiration or saying. 

 * Vinyl Stickers for your car or anywhere you want to put them. Personalize a tray or notebook or even a planner!